Multilingual Southern girl

Nurafisa Ruesa is from the southern part of Thailand which is a big Islamic community, so she’s Muslim. She can speak 6 languages: Yawi, Thai, English, Malaysian, Indonesian and Arabic (basic). Here’s the reason why.



Where she lives, Yawi is a local language. Elders and most everyone in neighborhood speak Yawi and Thai (to communicate with non-Muslim who live there). 

Most people can also understand Malaysian since it’s the border between Thailand and Malaysia. There’re a lot of Malaysians living and working in where she lives. Her parents are bilingual, so they speak Yawi and Thai to her since she was born. When she went to school, the instruction is in Thai. Her Thai was getting better by this way. Also for English, that she learned it at school. For Malaysian and Arabic, she learned them from religious school that Malaysian and Arabic were taught along with religion. 


In fact, Yawi, Malaysian and Indonesian are quite the same; if you can understand one of these languages then you’ll be able to understand the others. There’re just some differences of word used and pronunciation. 


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